You received your ring this holiday season. You are excited about planning your dream wedding but you are afraid. We are still in COVID season and you are not sure when or how it will twist or turn. You don’t want to have your dreams crushed due to an outbreak nor do you want your precious Nana to be exposed.  So what are your options? 

There are several options my company, Dream Event Services, has presented to clients and potential clients during consultations.  

     The first option is to go ahead and plan your wedding as usual, knowing you will need a plan “B” in case of government shutdowns or closures. To many this may seem like a cruel choice but it is also the reason it is my first option.  Most couples are not interested in hearing negative news at their initial consultation. They are full of hope and ideas, the last thing I want to do at this time is destroy a dream. Besides there is the chance that their dream wedding in its original state can be implemented. After all, weddings are about dreams.

     Another option is to take a piece out of the elopement combined with the courthouse wedding page. You really don’t have to leave town to have this option nor do you go to a courthouse. Mainly because most people are still not flying nor are courthouses performing weddings at this time. For this option, you simply have a ceremony where with only the key people in attendance, they are you, your fiancé, the officiant, and a witness. After all the most important goal is to get married, the rest can wait.

     But what if we take the best from both of these worlds and stay within safety protocols? We can and we have! The industry is calling them MICRO-weddings.  MICRO-weddings are a step back to simpler times, where the ceremonies and receptions take place within a three to four hour maximum time frame. Attending would be your closest friends and family, usually around a total of 30-50. There are a couple of options within within this choice. There is the reception or cocktail hour followed by the ceremony or a more traditional choice of a ceremony followed by a cocktail hour with or with heavy hors d’oeuvres. With these choices you will have the ceremony and reception you crave, still have your first dance yet you don’t have all of the pressures of a huge event.