Marriage Proposals

The Proposal

Unique and Creative Marriage Proposals

When you’re ready to ask that special someone to marry you, every detail has to be just right – from words you say to the location in which you say it. Dream Event Services can assist you in creating a unique marriage proposal – one that perfectly represents your personality, and sweeps your loved one right off their feet!

Looking for prom-posal services? We do those too! Get in touch with us today, and let’s get started.

Bob’s Story

One of our favorite marriage proposal stories involves Bob and Jean. Bob’s job was relocating him out of town. Jean was his best friend since high school, and nothing more – but Bob couldn’t picture his life without her in it on a daily basis. He decided he wanted to make it a permanent friendship, but needed some suggestions on how to pop the question. He knew that Jean was planning a going away party for him with all of their families and friends. That’s when he contacted us here at Dream Weddings & Events, LLC.

Together, we planned his “thank you for being in my corner” speech to each guest at the party, with Jean being the last one he addressed. Bob’s description of what her friendship meant to him turned into a marriage proposal – and Jean happily accepted!

Marriage Proposal Services

  • Assist with theme
  • Venue Referral
  • Assist with setup
  • Assist with wording
  • Refer Service Providers
Marriage Proposal On The Beach