Honoring Loved Ones

 Honoring loved ones who have passed may be one of the hardest, but at the same time, most rewarding parts of a any celebration; especially a wedding celebration.  Often couples come the realization their loved will not be a part of their celebration in my office. This often leads to tears.  I can truly relate to these couples.  In my head I knew my own father’s illness (Alzheimer’s) would not allow him to walk me down the aisle.   I had always dreamed of that walk with my father.  The realization of it not being able to happen didn’t hit me until I said it aloud.  And it broke my heart.  So I made a list of ways to celebrate/honor him, which I am happy to share them with you.

At/during the Ceremony

  • Special Candle.  Place a single candle for each honoree on a separate table from the other celebration candles (i.e. the Unity candle).  This is an opportunity to give a family member the opportunity to participate in your celebration in an easy but important fashion.  This person will be light the Memory candle at some agreed upon point in the ceremony, i.e. at the start of ceremony.
  • Seats of Honor.  Reserve seats in the front of your ceremony.  Hang the names or a picture of those who are being honored/remembered on the seat back in such a way it can be seen easily.  During the service lay a single flower or small bouquet on the seat of the chair, thus bringing attention to the person being honored.
  • Family Processional. Prior to the mothers’ entrance, have pictures of those who you wish to honor brought in individually and placed on a special table or in their own seats.  Do you have people you want to have a part in your ceremony but no place to put them?  This is wonderful way to accomplish this quandary.
  • Special Table.  Place a table in a prominent space, place your loved ones picture on the table with a single candle.  This should be already in place and the candle lit when your guests arrive.

At/During the Reception

  • Special Table.  Place a table in a prominent space, like next to your guestbook and place your loved ones picture on the table so that it is already in place when your guests arrive.  Be sure to create a name card for each picture so your guests will know who your loved one is.  To make it even more special write something about that person on their name card.  This allows YOU to walk memory lane with that person as you write and honor your loved ones.
  • Table of Honor.  Set up an extra table in the front of the room.  Decorate it the same as the others including place settings.  Place your loved ones picture at the table so that it is where their plate would be.  For one wedding, I turned the pictures throughout the evening so that they faced what was going on.  For example, during the couple’s first dance all pictures were facing the dancefloor and during dinner they were facing each other as if they were talking with one another.
  • Special Candle.  Put a single candle for each person to be honored on a table with the Unity candle such that the honor candles surround the Unity candle.  This represents the couple is supported and surround by the warmth of family love.
  • Shadow (father-daughter or mother-son) Dance.  If you are brave and don’t mind others seeing your emotions.  Dance with only a picture of your loved one for a time.  Too long would be too dramatic.  Finish the song with a special relative.

It is surprisingly cathartic to include your ancients/loved ones/elders, whatever you call them, in your special day.  We encourage you to be innovative in including them, then please, come back and share your ideas. Or if you are looking for ideas, feel free to contact us  https://dreameventservices.com or via email [email protected]

Emergencies On Your Wedding Day? Be prepared!

Wedding Day emergencies are inevitable. Are you prepared? At Dream Weddings & Events, LLC  having a kit is a mandatory tool; no different from wearing your communication device. After seeing a question in the Facebook Brides Group about what goes into a Wedding Emergency Kit, we knew we needed to share.  Therefore, here is our professional opinion on what we strongly suggest to be in your Wedding Day Emergency Tool kit and in some cases why:

  • Advil, Tylenol
  • Antacid
  • Antihistamine
  • Aspirin- low dose for Heart or Stroke emergencies
  • Barrettes
  • Clear nail polish- stops runs in stockings
  • Cough drops
  • Dental Floss
  • Deodorant travel size (spray)
  • First aid kit  band aids
  • Gum-calms nerves
  • Hair and bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Handy wipes (baby wipes or freshen up cloths)
  • Kleenex
  • Lotion
  • Makeup remover pads
  • Masking tape- repairs hems or seams
  • Moisturizing Eye drops
  • Nail polish remover
  • Peppermint or breath mints
  • Pepto-Bismol or Imodium
  • Powder        
  • Safety and straight pins
  • Sewing kit w/neutral colored thread
  • Straw-to avoid smudging lipstick when drinking
  • Sunscreen
  • Tampons/pads
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Wash cloth

Additional Items

There are additional items found in our emergency kits based on past need.  Some seem crazy, but after the second time of needing an item we have just included them. Consequently, we do not have to send someone to the store.  As a Wedding Planner, here are some additional items that are also in our kits:

  • Anti-Static spray
  • Bottled water
  • Batteries 2 of each kind
  • Cake knife set
  • Chocolate
  • Glucose tabs
  • Extra garter
  • Hair spray
  • Preparation H- reduces puffy UNDER eye swelling
  • Slice of white bread (in a plastic bag to keep fresh) removes fresh lipstick stains   
  • Small bottle of white wine- it removes red wine stains (along with cool water)
  • Vaseline-applied to the teeth makes smiling easier

We know it seems like this list is long; you might need a suitcase just for your emergency kit (that’s how we carry ours),  but take our word for it, to need one of these items and not have it could cause a lot of needless heartache or stress. While traditionally the kit is maintained by your maid or matron of honour; it is part of our service to our clients.  Until next time…….Keep DREAMing


If you want to know more or have other questions, feel free to contact Dream Weddings & Events, LLC at 216-672-5451.


Bridal Shows- 5 Things You Need

The Bridal Shows are Coming! The Bridal Shows are Coming!  Are you prepared?  Bridal shows are wonderful, exciting, and full of dreams but they are also confusing, repetitive and overwhelming.  These are adjectives used by brides who are unprepared to navigate through the journey called a bridal show.  In my professional opinion and from experience, there are five things you need when attending  bridal shows that will make your journey more pleasant.

  • Stickers with your name, contact information, and wedding date.  You are going to write the same information for just about every Service Provider you meet.  Consequently, having all of this information on a sticker saves you time and effort.
  • A calendar or plan book of your available dates and times.  If you meet your ideal Service Provider you are going to need to know your schedule or availability in order to set a meeting date and time.  Thus saving you time and the possibility of losing your dream Service Provider because someone else booked before you.
  • Comfortable Shoes.  This is NOT the time to wear those cute shoes you just bought..   You will be doing a lot of walking and standing on concrete floors, as most venues that host shows do not have cushioned flooring.  When your feet hurt, it makes for a miserable experience.
  • Patience.  Bridal Shows are notoriously busy places; with stressed out brides all looking for the best deal and best Service Providers.  Sometimes that means you will have to wait in order to speak with that ideal person you want.  In addition to patience….. 
  • Smile.   Your smile coupled with patience, something this simple can make or break your experience.  Smiles generate free thought and infer openness.  Free-thoughts and openness create pleasant conversations.  Pleasant conversations generate feelings of pleasure all of which translate into aiding in your planning being stress-free.  

Need more ideas?  Want help with your planning?  Contact us at [email protected]

Wedding Planning Choices….

He asked. You said yes. You have your ring. What next? Your wedding planning choices…. Most brides or couples today, together with the Internet and their closest friends, choose to plan their own wedding.  Most do a fantastic job.  Frankly, I applaud their planning efforts.  So if that is the case and it’s that easy then why do couples need a Wedding Consultant? It is simple, couples can’t be everywhere.  Couples need to look for a consultant who offers a variety of services to meet the different needs of today’s couples.

For the couple who has the time, energy and patience to plan on their own, I say, go for it.  Personally, for me that is the fun part, which is why I became a consultant.  This couple is still going to need help tying up loose ends and with the little things on the day of the wedding. On that day,  the couple will be busy enough preparing themselves for the ceremony let alone checking on other details such as the flowers or ensuring the reception site is ready as contracted.  Their parents will busy with out of town guests and family consequently, they cannot do it. Their friends tend to get caught up in the excitement and forget they are part of what is happening, instead of watching it.    In swoops the wedding consultant to save everyone’s sanity.  This service is called, Day of or Month Of planning.  Here the consultant is charged with organizing, orchestrating, implementing and the development of a plan and a backup for anything that could possibly go wrong with the rehearsal, ceremony and/or the reception.

For couples who want/need help getting started or guidance along the way, Partial Planning Services would be best.  These couples do most of the work themselves with a planner serving as a consultant, that is making sure the chores involved in planning their big day are completed in a timely fashion, while also assisting the couple stay within their budget. Ideas should flow in both ways.  The consultant has to be able to hear what the couple is saying and be able to translate that idea into a doable service or be honest enough to say this is not going to come out the way you wish and have a workable solution.  Honesty and tact are key to assisting the couple in creating their dream day.  Friends tend to agree with the couple, when in their hearts they hate an idea, for the sake of maintaining their relationship.  Family members tend to disagree with the couple’s ideas.  In my experience, they relate to what they’ve seen or done in the past or would want to do themselves.  The consultant has no bias, consequently (usually) gives sound advice based on input from the couple.

The last kind of wedding planning service is Full Service Planning, is also the most expensive service.  Couples who choose this service are generally very busy or get bogged down when confronted with too many choices.  They only want to know when and where to be, thus, the consultant to does all of the running around, research and then presents the couple with two to three choices in each area of the preparation.  This level of assistance requires open and honest communication between the couple and their consultant. Failure to communicate by either party can end with disastrous results.

The wedding planning choices presented, represent the general levels of services offered by most Wedding Planning services.  There are many more options available depending on your needs.  The difference between a good consultant and a great one is not in what they do but how they do it.  If you have any questions or would like to use our services, do not hesitate to contact us at https://dreameventservices.com.