You just got engaged and you are ready to start planning your wedding.  STOP RIGHT THERE! There are 5 things couples should know before planning their wedding!  Based on my experiences and that of some of my associates, most couples start planning their weddings without giving thought to the points this BLOG is going to give you.  We want you to go through this checklist before beginning to save you time, money, heartache, and stress.

  1. Get on the same page before talking to anyone else.  In all of your excitement have you started planning or strategizing before talking with your partner?  Does your bestie know more about what you want, what is important to you to have or not have as a part of your day, than your partner?  If the answer to either of these questions is YES, that’s a potential problem.  Remember, there are TWO of you getting married. Each one of you is vested in this relationship and marriage. And yes, even though one partner may be more interested in the details than the other, it is important for the TWO OF YOU to have conversations on what is and is not important to you as a couple before involving others.  Friends, no matter how well-meaning, will try to influence you to their way of thinking.  Sometimes based on facts, experiences, or their own desires. If you and your partner have not discussed what each of you wants and what is and is not important to you as a united couple, you will end up trying to do everything or please everyone, which is impossible, or it will cause unnecessary stress on your relationship. I will speak to the topic of pleasing others, later in this BLOG.  
  1. Select top 3 priorities for wedding budget. If you have had conversations on what is and is not important to you as a couple for your wedding this step will be a lot easier.  As a couple discussions on finances, budget, and money can be a bit difficult; depending on how you were reared, the examples set by your parents, and your own want, needs, and desires.  One of the things I tell my clients or potential clients is your wedding is ONE day, you must LIVE after it. So is it important to impress your friends or is it important for EVERYONE to have a good time?  Is the choice of food important or is it the ambiance?  How about the importance of music?  Once you have set your priorities, those are the areas that should receive the most investment in time and finances.
  1. Make a guest list and discuss with invested parties.  Remember a wedding is more than the two of you.  It is the blending of two families.  I ask my clients to ask their parents to create an invitation list separate from the them.  Why?  Simple, it an inclusive act; that serves to blend not bend relationships.  Yes, the parents and each partner may have the same names, but the most important thing is input. This practice gives each partner BUY-IN from their in-laws.  No one can say Mrs. Rose, your childhood babysitter,  was purposely left off of the list.
  1. Know you can’t please everyone.  As I said in my first point, trying to please everyone will make everyone angry with you.  People understand making your own decisions even if they differ from theirs.  But they do not understand wishywashy people.  Make a decision and stick to it.  You can’t worry about who likes this or that.  If it is not your partner or their concern, it doesn’t matter.   
  1. Hiring friends and family is possibly a costly mistake.  I know you love your friends, they want to help, and it would cost you a lot less than hiring a professional not related but they are often too close to the subject to see the whole picture.  Often friends get caught up in the happenings and forget they are supposed to be working behind the scenes to make sure things go smoothly.  In the excitement of preparation they didn’t check in with the caterer to ensure they were prepared to remove, cut then serve the wedding cake for dessert.  

This is only the beginning.  There are other things to be considered while planning your wedding.  Before you pick your flower girls or ring bearer I implore you to read my BLOG, Children: Age Appropriate?.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this or other topics further, feel free to contact me directly via email: Dream Event Services, LLC or 216.245.5959.  Remember, keep DREAMing