How do I say thank you, is one of the most frequently asked questions by my clients regarding the people who will participate in or attend their wedding extravaganzas! It is because of questions like this, my staff and I spend time looking through gift sites. Other times we are contacted by gift sites; in either case, to be sure of what they offer is worth my clients time, but more importantly, their money; I often will ask for or purchase samples. I refuse to recommend a product that is either too expensive for what they are offering or an economical but cheaply made, products not worth the money spent.

Another question we are inundated with is, “Do I have to have or give favors and what’s a good one that’s not a waste of time and money?” My answer to this question is typically, “The more PRACTICAL the thank you gift the more it is appreciated.” By this I mean, if your guests can either eat it or use it then the gift is appreciated if not it will be tossed into the circular file right after the event. After all, what are you going to do with that bell with the couple’s name on it after you finish ringing it at the reception? Is it cute? Yes, was it practical? Welllll (in my best Samantha Stevens’ voice) not really. It was useful for making the couple kiss but beyond that….nothing. It is another dust collector.

My staff and I found Forever Wedding Favors. I have written about its sister site previously, see my February 2019 post. At that time I was searching with a purpose, to find great gifts for guys. This time we were searching for more general gifts; ones that say thanks for participating and favors for those attending an event. As I perused the site more thoroughly I found a myriad of gifts to fit most people’s pockets and tastes. From Bohemian to the classic styles, this site finds the little things you have been searching for but couldn’t find.

As promised, I tried some of their gifts and found them to be just they are presented. Nothing flimsy or cheap. They had ideas I hadn’t considered. As a former avid card player, who would have thunk they would have so many choices of playing cards for favors. I loved it! Looking for something different? Check out this site You won’t be sorry. Need more ideas? Contact us at 216.672.5451.