Marriage License: Q & A on the Process

Questions regarding the process for obtaining a marriage license is one of the most popular inquiries posed by our clients.  Please be aware, each State and county within that State may have their own process; contact your County Probate Court for exact details.  The information presented in this blog is the process for those of you from the State of Ohio, specifically Cuyahoga County.  It is my goal for you to have a few less bumps in the road on your journey to marriage.

Where do we go to apply for our license?

  • A resident of the state of Ohio must apply for your license at the Probate Court in the county in which the Ohio resident lives.  If neither of you is a resident you must apply in at the Probate Court in the county in which you are getting married.

Can one of us just pick up the form, take it home to complete it and return the form during office hours?

  •  You must BOTH go to the County Probate Office TOGETHER.
  • In Cuyahoga County, you may pre-register online at Online Marriage Pre-Registration then bring in the confirmation number.

What do we need to take with us?

  • Birth certificate (or some proof of citizenship like a passport)
  • A photo ID (like a driver’s license)
  • Social Security card
  • Certified copy of the divorce decree  (if you have been previously married)
  • If you are under 18, you need proof of consent by a parent.
  • If either or both applicants is physically incapacitated, that person’s physician must complete an affidavit stating the physical disability, and then it is filed with the application for the marriage license.

How much does a marriage license cost?

  • The cost varies from county to county, as each county sets the cost.  The price ranges from $45 to $60.

Do we need to get a blood test?

  • No, not in the state of Ohio

How long is the license valid?

  • The license is only valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

For more details contact your County Probate Court Office.  We hope this blog assists you on your journey towards marriage.  Finding you need assistance making your DREAM day a positive memorable occasion? Contact us at Dream Weddings & Events, LLC 


Post-Wedding Checklist

Hello readers.  A post-wedding checklist is something I have often given my clients.  The following article, created by Ethan Lord Jewelers  goes into much further in depth.  I thought the article would be perfect for you, just click on the enlargement arrows to read it.    Happy reading.

The whirlwind of wedding planning is but a memory now. After months of meticulously mapping out every last detail, heartfelt vows and cherished wedding rings were exchanged, and your love was celebrated in style with family and friends.  Congratulations are in order … but there’s still more to do as you set off down the road toward wedded bliss. The accompanying checklist presents a dozen tasks to tend to in the aftermath of the wedding to make everything just right. There is gratitude to express, legal matters to labor over, and especially for sentimentalists, keepsakes to create. And there are plans to ponder to make the future even brighter.

Now that you are used to taking vows, check out this checklist to discover why it’s important to transform your “I do” to “We will … ” Take on these tasks as a couple for a picture-perfect way to wrap up your wedding-related activities. Be assured that the “thank you” cards in particular are most meaningful to the many who made your day so special.