The Bridal Shows are Coming! The Bridal Shows are Coming!  Are you prepared?  Bridal shows are wonderful, exciting, and full of dreams but they are also confusing, repetitive and overwhelming.  These are adjectives used by brides who are unprepared to navigate through the journey called a bridal show.  In my professional opinion and from experience, there are five things you need when attending  bridal shows that will make your journey more pleasant.

  • Stickers with your name, contact information, and wedding date.  You are going to write the same information for just about every Service Provider you meet.  Consequently, having all of this information on a sticker saves you time and effort.
  • A calendar or plan book of your available dates and times.  If you meet your ideal Service Provider you are going to need to know your schedule or availability in order to set a meeting date and time.  Thus saving you time and the possibility of losing your dream Service Provider because someone else booked before you.
  • Comfortable Shoes.  This is NOT the time to wear those cute shoes you just bought..   You will be doing a lot of walking and standing on concrete floors, as most venues that host shows do not have cushioned flooring.  When your feet hurt, it makes for a miserable experience.
  • Patience.  Bridal Shows are notoriously busy places; with stressed out brides all looking for the best deal and best Service Providers.  Sometimes that means you will have to wait in order to speak with that ideal person you want.  In addition to patience….. 
  • Smile.   Your smile coupled with patience, something this simple can make or break your experience.  Smiles generate free thought and infer openness.  Free-thoughts and openness create pleasant conversations.  Pleasant conversations generate feelings of pleasure all of which translate into aiding in your planning being stress-free.  

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