Finding gifts for the guys in your wedding party can be a daunting task. You find yourself thinking, “I want something that will thank them for being a part of our special day but I want the gift to be cost effective, usable and practical.”  How many times have you participated in a wedding and ended up with something you’ll NEVER use again; may not even know what it really is or it’s so cheap it breaks or fall apart before the wedding weekend is over?

It is not as difficult a task to purchase gifts for the women in the wedding party.  You simply buy the jewelry you want them to wear for the ceremony. The guys on the other hand, are a different story.  What gift can you give them that thanks them for putting on a suit or tux that they are not crazy about, wear rented plastic shoes and walking down the aisle with a woman they may have only known for about five minutes before having to dance with them.  I found a website that solves this problem, it is called Groovy Guy Gifts.  The gifts on this site are for the men in our lives. But it doesn’t HAVE to be for a wedding. These items can be given anytime you need to give a gift to a man.

My Experience:  Finding a Gift for a guy 

I needed to buy a gift for a male cousin, one of the pickiest guys I know. Since I was given the opportunity to choose a gift from  Groovy Guy Gifts as a promotional gift, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to tryout a new company. The choices were amazing in their variety from the traditional beer stein/mug ($19.99) to a three types of travel bags ($49.99). All purchases at or over $50 are personalized  and shipped at no additional charge.  I chose a personalized wallet with its own engraved box, since he needed a wallet. The ordering process was simple; my package arrived within three weeks via standard shipping.

I was really expecting something cheesy, but was pleasantly surprised to receive a well crafted leather wallet in a beautiful wooden box. I wanted to keep the wooden box for myself and just give him the wallet, but I didn’t. When my cousin opened his present, he immediately loved his new wallet, emptied and tossed his old one then proceeded to put only the things he really wanted into the new one.  I tried talking him out of the wooden box but he refused to give it to me.  These actions spoke volumes to me. 

I don’t often tout websites or products but I can’t help it with the products from the  Groovy Guy Gifts  online shopping.  They have all kinds of gifts and gift ideas for reasonable prices.  Check them out.  If you want more ideas or would like some assistance,  schedule a complimentary consultation with us at  Dream Event Services.  Happy Shopping!