Who should be on my guest list? How do I decide who to eliminate? Don’t pull your hair out trying to figure it out!  Know that you are not alone.  These are two of the most frequently asked questions by clients during our initial consultation session. My answer is: the engaged couple along with both sets of parents should create their DREAM guest list. Eliminate no one but realize your parents and you may have some of the same people on their lists.  That’s okay. The next step is to have everyone put a star next to the guests who MUST be there and a triangle next to the ones you would really like to be there.

Create your master list by starting with the starred names, then based on the room left in your budget add triangle names.  Be sure to take triangle names from each person’s list to be fair.  In doing so, you will be less likely to be accused of being biased towards anyone. Most people know you are not purposely trying to hurt anyone’s feelings by excluding them but not having an unlimited budget means somebody will not receive an invitation. It has been my experience, clients using this method have an easier time creating their final guest lists.

In addition to the strategy explained above, the following quiz from this month’s TODAY’S BRIDE  may assist you in figuring out who is your triangle and who is your star.

How do you know them?

  1. They’re a friend.
  2. They’re a colleague.
  3. I don’t really…my mom does.

When was the last time you spoke?.

  1. Last week
  2. Within the last few months
  3. Good question

Have they met your fiance?

  1. Yes, many times.
  2. I think once or twice
  3. Not yet

Were on their wedding guest list (or were you in the wedding)?

  1. I was in the wedding party.
  2. Yes
  3. No

Would you invite them over for dinner?

  1. Sure, why not
  2. Yes, but I would make something quick to eat
  3. If I was forced

Do you talk about your wedding a lot in front of this person?

  1. They’ve heard almost every detail.
  2. They’ve overheard me talking about it in the office or on Facebook
  3. They might not even know I’m engaged.

Imagine your wedding without this person. Which statement best describes it?

  1. It won’t be nearly as fun
  2. I’ll feel guilty all night
  3. Thank goodness, I won’t have to avoid him/her

Will you talk to this person 5 years from now?

  1. Yes, probably.
  2. I’m not really sure.
  3. Most likely not

Key if your answers are mostly:

  • 1’s then that guest should receive a star
  • 2’s then that guest should receive a triangle
  • 3’s why are you wondering if they should receive an invitation?

Deciding whether or not to invite children and who should get a plus-one can be sticky subjects. Check out our upcoming blogs as we continue discussing what you need to know about guests.  If you would like more information or would like to talk, our initial consultations are complimentary.  Call us at 216-672-5451 to schedule your consultation today!